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There are two fee structures for Elite Sim-funded accounts.

Elite Sim-funded One-time Activation

  • One-time activation fees for brand-new Elite Sim-funded account(s) are listed below. If you are switching an existing Elite sim-funded account from $80 monthly to paying the one-time activation fee, note that you will receive a discounted price based on how long you have maintained the Elite sim-funded account. Please note that at this time Fast Track accounts are not eligible for the one-time activation fee.


Account Size 1Step EOD Static Diamond Hands
75k and Below $150 $175 - -
100k and Above $235 $255 $175 $300


Monthly Plan (For all account types)

  • Once qualified, Elite sim-funded accounts have an $80.00 USD recurring monthly fee.

What happens if I fail my Elite Account?

Monthly Plan

Unlike the evaluation, your failed Elite sim-funded is not reset upon receiving the renewal payment.

What happens if I fail my LIVE ELITE account?

Please get in touch with the Risk Team to determine your options by emailing [email protected].

Can I reset my Elite Sim-funded Account?

ETF offers a one-time sim-funded Elite reset for traders. Traders must contact support if they wish to take advantage of the one-time Elite reset.

Subscription Stays Active After Elite Sim-funded Account Failure

If a trader's Elite sim-funded account goes into a failed state, their subscription will remain active since we offer a one-time Sim-funded Elite reset at cost. Therefore, if traders do not wish to reset their Elite account, they must cancel their subscription to prevent future billing. 

What are the fees for LIVE ELITE with T3 Global?

  • All fees are deducted from your cash balance on the first of every month.
Item Fee Notes
Platform Fee $150.00 Required
Admin Fee $150.00 Required
Market Data CME $135.00 Most Popular
Market Data COMEX $135.00  
Market Data NYMEX $135.00  
Market Data CBOT $135.00  
Market Data EUREX $80