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What happens when you qualify?

  • Stop trading once you reach the evaluation profit target and have traded a minimum of 5 trade days (unless otherwise specified from a promotion).
  • Allow up to 72 business hours after market closes for your Trader Dashboard to be updated and emails to be sent.
  • Once evaluation is marked as passed on the Trader Dashboard, your subscription will automatically be canceled and you will no longer be charged for the evaluation.
  • Upon receipt of the Elite Agreement email, you must complete and sign it within 48hrs.
  • You must pay the Elite Sim-Funded activation fee (options below) within 30 days, until you reach the three Sim-Funded account limit.
  • Once you reach the three Sim-Funded account limit, additional passed evaluations are kept in reserve and the monthly auto renewal will be canceled.

There are two fee structures for Elite Sim-Funded accounts.

Option 1 - Elite Sim-Funded One-time Activation

  • One-time activation fees for brand-new Elite Sim-Funded account(s) are listed below. If you are switching an existing Elite Sim-Funded account from $80 monthly to paying the one-time activation fee, note that you will receive a discounted price based on how long you have maintained the Elite Sim-Funded account. Please note that at this time Fast Track accounts are not eligible for the one-time activation fee.


Account Size 1Step EOD Static Diamond Hands
75k and Below $150 $175 - -
100k and Above $235 $255 $175 $300


Option 2 - Monthly Plan (For all account types)

  • Once qualified, Elite Sim-Funded accounts have an $80.00 USD recurring monthly fee.

What happens if I fail my Elite Account?

Monthly Plan

Unlike the evaluation, your failed Elite Sim-Funded is not reset upon receiving the renewal payment.

Can I reset my Elite Sim-Funded Account?

ETF offers a one-time Elite Sim-Funded reset for traders. Traders must contact support if they wish to take advantage of the one-time Elite reset.

Subscription Stays Active After Elite Sim-Funded Account Failure

If a trader's Elite Sim-Funded account goes into a failed state, their subscription will remain active since we offer a one-time Elite Sim-Funded reset at cost. Therefore, if traders do not wish to reset their Elite account, they must cancel their subscription to prevent future billing.