Who Can Trade with Us?

Elite Trader Funding is proud to support a global community of traders. However, due to regulations imposed by our US FCMs (Futures Commission Merchant), clearing firms, and brokers, we are unable to accept traders who are citizens or residents of certain countries. 

In addition, Office of Foreign Assets Control restrictions might restrict our brokerage partners from legally providing you with an account. Please note that if you are a citizen from one of these prohibited countries, you will not be able to receive payouts nor obtain funding through Elite Trader Funding.

The list of prohibited countries below and our policies are subject to change based on regulatory updates, OFAC restrictions, as well as changes from our brokerage and clearing partners. Please check back regularly for the most current information.


Restricted Countries
Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola
Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belarus
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bulgaria
Burma Burundi Cambodia Central African Republic
Congo Free State Cote D'Ivoire Crimea Croatia
Cuba Democratic Republic of Congo Ecuador Ethiopia
Ghana Guyana Iceland Indonesia
Iran Iraq Jamaica Kosovo
Laos Lebanon Liberia Libya
Mauritius Mongolia Montenegro Nicaragua
North Korea North Macedonia Pakistan Panama
Papua New Guinea Peru Russia Serbia
Slovenia Somalia South Sudan Sri Lanka
Sudan Syria Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia
Uganda Ukraine Venezuela Vietnam
Yemen Zimbabwe    

Countries and Payment Services

Countries Supported and Restricted by Rise:

Countries Supported Through Stripe:

Stripe Supported Countries

Countries Supported Through PayPal:

PayPal Supported Countries