1. What is a trade copier?
A trade copier is a tool that allows traders to automatically copy trades from one account (often referred to as the master or lead account) to other accounts (referred to as the follower accounts).

2. Why would I need a trade copier in Tradovate?
If you are managing multiple accounts or wish to automatically replicate trades from a specific account across different accounts in real-time, a trade copier can be extremely useful.

3. How do I set up the Tradovate trade copier?
Please refer to our tutorial video for step-by-step instructions.
Tradovae Group Trading Guide

4. Can I set different risk parameters for different follower accounts?
Currently, you can only adjust the quantity between accounts.

5. Is there a delay in trade execution between the master and follower accounts?
All trade copiers may have a minimal delay due to technical reasons. It's crucial to ensure that both the master and follower accounts are connected with a stable internet connection and proper workstation environment to minimize these delays.

Ex. Avoid having multiple programs open while using the trade copier.  

6. Are there any fees associated with using the trade copier?
Tradovates built-in group trading is free and can be enabled directly from the platform settings. 

7. Can I group trade on TradingView using Tradovate broker connection?
The current integration between TradingView and the Tradovate broker does not support group trading.

8. Can I group trade Tradovate accounts on NinjaTrader?
Yes, it is possible, but it will require a 3rd party trader copier to achieve this. Within your ETF dashboard, we have recommended a trusted third-party solution known for its stability and efficiency. This trade copier is tailored for NinjaTrader, enabling users to seamlessly replicate trades across multiple Tradovate accounts.



Tradovate Group Trade Notice

As a precautionary note, we have heard users having issues with the group trading feature of Tradovate, and we caution all users that it may give you grief when trying to enter/exit positions. If you run into such scenario, your best solution is to close out positions per account and not use the group feature. We appreciate that Tradovate made the feature available, but it is not perfect. Elite Trader Funding is not liable for errors caused by this add-on.