You're not alone if you've noticed multiple session errors while using Tradovate or TradingView platforms. It's important to understand how each platform treats multiple sessions to get the most out of your experience.

Potential Issues Caused by Multiple Sessions

Managing multiple sessions on Tradovate and TradingView platforms can sometimes result in complications. Here are some common issues that users might experience:

  1. Charts Don't Update: With multiple sessions active, you might notice that your charts don't refresh in real-time or might even freeze.

  2. Stuck Prices: Prices can appear stagnant or may not reflect the current market value, leading to confusion.

  3. Difficulty Switching Instruments: Switching between different trading instruments might become problematic, and the platform might not respond as expected.

  4. 'Lagging' Due to Session Conflicts: You might experience noticeable lags or delays in the platform's response time. This is often due to the platform juggling between multiple active sessions.

  5. Invisible Accounts: In some cases, you might not be able to view all your accounts or their details might not load properly.

  6. Connection Instability: As the platform tries to maintain connections to multiple sessions, you might experience periodic disconnections or unstable connections.

Tradovate Sessions Explained:

Tradovate offers different platforms for trading:

  1. Tradovate Web: This is the browser-based version of Tradovate.
  2. Tradovate Mobile: This is designed for mobile devices.
    1. iPhone
    2. Android
  3. Tradovate Download: This version is downloadable and can be installed on a computer.
    1. Windows
    2. Apple

Each of these platforms can have its own session. This means they are considered separate sessions if you're logged into Tradovate Web and Tradovate Mobile simultaneously.


TradingView Sessions:

TradingView has a unique way of counting sessions:

  • Each Tab is a Separate Session: In TradingView if you have multiple tabs open, each tab is counted as an individual session.
  • Mobile

Please note that the aforementioned ways of counting sessions might not encompass all methods these platforms utilize to measure sessions. It's always a good idea to consult platform-specific documentation or support for precise details. If you encounter any complications, consider logging out of all sessions and logging back into just one. Should problems persist, reach out to customer support for further assistance.