Why does ETF monitor a Trader's activity?

ETF closely observes the trading activities of all Traders to ensure they comply with the Terms of Service and uphold the principles of integrity and fairness.

What behavior is expected of Traders with Elite Sim-Funded accounts?

  • Consistency in earnings: An Elite Sim-Funded account's best day's profit should not equal more than forty (40) percent of the total balance. This can be calculated using: (Best Day P&L / Total P&L) * 100 = % of P&L.
  • Traders are required to demonstrate sustained trading activity and a reasonable distribution of profits throughout the life of their Elite account. ETF strictly prohibits artificial manipulation of the trading requirements, including, but not limited to, the execution of 'scratch trades' or any other actions with the primary intent to meet the minimum trading day requirement for each payout cycle without genuine trading activity.
    • Scratch trade definition: including but not limited to quickly entering a position with minimal risk and deviating from your established normal trading behavior to receive credit for a trade day.
  • Traders practicing high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies or manipulating the SIM environment are prohibited. Additionally, all trades executed by such traders must last at least ten (10) seconds.

What might happen to a Trader found violating the Terms of Service?

If a trader is found in violation of the Terms of Service, ETF might request the trader to maintain their trading activities. However, ETF also reserves the right to withhold payouts or suspend or terminate the trader's account.