Rithmic Trader Pro


Tracking Real-Time Drawdown Made Easy with RTraderPro. If you use NinjaTrader8, Quantower, Sierra Charts, etc. to trade, then tracking your real-time drawdown is as easy as using RTraderPro. To accomplish this, log in and launch the Trader Dashboard module. Add the following fields:

1. Auto Liquidate Threshold Value: the actual real-time balance that will trigger your account failure 

2. Auto Liquidate Threshold: the amount of max drawdown you have 

3. Auto Liquidate Peak Balance: your max drawdown is subtracted from the peak balance to determine the liquidation threshold value. Daily maintenance occurs after the NY market closes at 16:00 CST and around Globex opens. You can check your ETF Trader Dashboard to verify if you have failed your ETF account.







Tradovate allows you to track your account values live. To do so, please follow the instructions below - 

1. Launch Tradovate's web interface or desktop application and click the Plus button to bring up the module selection window






2. Drag the Accounts module into your setup
















3. Click on the settings cog to Select Columns







4. Select the columns that you wish to track. Select the column from the left side and drag it to the right under the Visible section: