Congratulations on being selected for LIVE ELITE! Here's what to expect next:

1. Welcome Email: Our risk team will send you a welcome email shortly.

2. Account Transition: In the email, you'll be provided with an option to transfer your Elite Sim-funded account balance to a LIVE ELITE account with our partner, EdgeClear.

3. Declining the Offer: If you decide to decline the offer to transition to a LIVE ELITE account with ETF, you have the option to request a full payout of the profits gained from Elite Sim-Funded accounts that have met the safety net and/or have become eligible for the first payout cycle. However, this payout will exclude the additional $100 from the starting balance. It is important to understand the specific conditions surrounding this decision:

  1. Upon declining the offer, you are entitled to receive 10% of your earnings up to a cap of $12,500 in total, calculated as of the offer date. Any earnings exceeding this amount, as of the offer date, will be paid out at a rate of no more than 5%.
  2. Choosing not to convert to a LIVE ELITE account within five (5) business days of receiving the offer results in certain restrictions. Specifically, you will be prohibited from using ETF's services for two (2) calendar years following your decision.
  3. The payout process adheres to the "Safety Threshold" guidelines, ensuring that traders understand their financial standings and the implications of their decisions.

These policies underscore ETF's mission to challenge traders to be consistently profitable and to facilitate the successful transition to a LIVE ELITE account. The aforementioned terms serve to clarify the financial outcomes and expectations for traders who choose to decline the LIVE Elite offer. 

4. Purchasing Evaluations: After your selection for LIVE ELITE or your choice to decline the offer, we request that you abstain from purchasing any additional evaluations for a 24-month period. Should you decide to make such a purchase, we will process a refund and immediately close the evaluation account(s). Please note that any Elite Sim-funded accounts will not be eligible for additional payouts. Furthermore, such behavior will result in a ban from any future purchases with ETF.