Congratulations on being selected for LIVE ELITE! Here's what to expect next:

  1. Welcome Email: Our risk team will send you a welcome email shortly.
  2. Account Transition: In the email, you'll be provided with an option to transfer your Elite Sim-funded account balance to a LIVE ELITE account with our partner, T3.
  3. Declining the Offer: If you choose not to transition to a LIVE ELITE account, you can request a full payout of the profits gained from qualified Elite Sim-funded accounts, minus the +$100 from the starting balance. For more details on this, please refer to the "Safety Threshold" section.
  4. Purchasing Evaluations: After your selection for LIVE ELITE or your choice to decline the offer, we request that you abstain from purchasing any additional evaluations for a 12-month period. Should you decide to make such a purchase, we will process a refund and immediately close the evaluation account(s). Please note that any Elite Sim-funded accounts will not be eligible for additional payouts. Furthermore, such behavior will result in a ban from any future purchases with ETF.