Once you have met all objectives, please cease all trading activity and allow up to 72 business hours after the market close for the dashboard to display the next steps to activate your Elite account. You will also receive instructions via email on the next steps. If you experience any issues, please contact support.

After signing the Elite agreement, kindly refresh the page. You will receive instructions on how to activate your Elite account. A flat rate of $80 is required to activate your account or you may opt for a One-Time fee instead. If you prefer not to pay a One-Time fee, then a $80 monthly recurring billing will be charged to maintain the Elite account.

You are all set! You can start trading your Elite account. 

Please note that the ETF Audit/Risk team works diligently to cross-check everything prior to signing off on a trader. At times, they may become backed up due to the volume of audits that need to be performed. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to rush through all the processes without sacrificing the quality of work. We would rather take the time to do things correctly, even if it means being delayed, than overlook crucial details. Thank you for your understanding!