When you become a part of LIVE ELITE, you unlock a range of benefits designed to enhance your trading experience:

  1. Live Market Trading: Engage in real-time market trading.
  2. Flexible Withdrawals: Daily withdrawals with no maximum cap, starting from a minimum of $100.
  3. Profit Split: Enjoy a 90/10 profit split, which can increase to 95/5 with proven long-term consistency.
  4. No Consistency Rule: We don't enforce a consistency rule for LIVE ELITE members.
  5. Fee Coverage: ETF covers both admin and platform fees after 3 months of proven consistency. If you continue to show consistency in your trading, ETF will assist in covering market data fees as well. Of special note, fees are user-based and not account based in LIVE ELITE. Pay only one fee instead of per account.
  6. T3's Virtual Trading Floor: Get exclusive access to T3's virtual trading environment.
  7. Exclusive Community Access: Join ETF's exclusive LIVE ELITE community.
  8. Customized Earnings: Opt to receive a portion of your earnings as a monthly salary upon demonstrating consistency.
  9. Risk Leverage: Set custom risk leverage limits tailored to your trading style.
  10. Account Management: Merge or split accounts as needed. (Note: Copy trading across multiple accounts simultaneously is prohibited as per T3's guidelines.)
  11. Round-the-Clock Support: Avail 24/7 support via T3's trade desk.