We wish to inform you about an essential update to our evaluation service, designed to identify talented traders who have demonstrated they should have greater success in live markets. To remain in alignment with the rules and regulations of our live market provider, T3 (Tradovate coming soon), there will be a change in the maximum number of active Elite Sim-Funded accounts you can have.

Effective from October 19, 2023, the following rules apply:

1. The maximum number of active Elite Sim-Funded accounts a trader can simultaneously access will be reduced from 20 to 3.

2. You may continue to purchase and pass as many evaluations as you want, as they can now be kept in reserve to be activated as Elite Sim-Funded accounts at a later date; the monthly auto-renewal for evaluations you pass will be canceled. Rest assured, you will not lose evaluations you have passed and you will no longer be required to activate the Elite Sim-Funded account within 72hrs.

3. For those currently holding more than three active Elite Sim-Funded accounts, you will be 'grandfathered' in, which means you can continue trading as you have been. However, you cannot activate any additional Elite Sim-Funded accounts until you are below the 3-account threshold.

We understand that this change might not be what some were hoping for, but we firmly believe that it is a step forward in setting our traders up for greater success in live markets. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.