To qualify for LIVE ELITE, traders must meet certain criteria. While some of these requirements are transparent, others are proprietary to our system and remain undisclosed. Here's what we can share:

  1. Consistency in Trading: Demonstrated consistency in your day-to-day trading activities.
  2. Post-Payout Consistency: Ability to maintain consistency even after receiving one or more payouts on any Elite-Sim funded account.
  3. Background Check: All traders must pass a background check without any incriminating records.
  4. Knowledge of Exchange Rules: A thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the exchange you're trading in.
  5. Safety Threshold: Accounts that meet our safety threshold will be eligible for LIVE ELITE. Meaning, that in order to move from an Elite Sim-funded account to a LIVE ELITE funded account with EdgeClear, you must first earn realized profits equal to drawdown +$100.