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🛠️ Installation Guide

Step 1: Download and Set Up Parallels

Website: Please visit the official Parallels website
Instructions: Read their entire guide for comprehensive instructions.

  1. Download Parallels from their official website.
  2. Install Parallels to simplify the installation of Windows 11 on your Mac.

Step 2: Install Windows 11 on Your Mac

  1. After successfully setting up Parallels, install Windows 11 on your Mac.

Step 3: Download NinjaTrader

Website: Visit the NinjaTrader website

  1. Download the NinjaTrader application.

Step 4: Configure NinjaTrader for Parallels

  1. Launch Parallels and select your virtual machine.
  2. Click the Configure button located at the top.
  3. Navigate to the Options menu and choose Sharing.
  4. Uncheck the "Share Mac User Folders with Windows" option under Share Mac.
  5. Click OK to save your settings and start the virtual machine.