Dear Traders,

At Elite Trader Funding (ETF), we are committed to transparency and fostering a community of highly proficient and consistently profitable traders. Our mission is to move traders to Live Elite accounts and we closely observe and audit the trading activity of all traders, especially Elite Sim-Funded accounts once a payout has been requested.


Please note the performance and trade days from Elite Sim-Funded accounts prior to May 20th will be excluded and grandfathered. Once you complete the current pay cycle you are in and begin a new pay cycle, only then will the policies below, be applied to your Elite Sim-Funded account. Meaning, the best Active Trading day P&L from your new pay cycle after May 20th, is what will be used for the 23% rule.

Note for clarification: withdrawing realized profits within safety net is not grandfathered.

Policies Effective May 20th, 2024

  • To receive credit for an Active Trading day, you must meet the two criteria listed below. These criteria help ensure that your trading days meaningfully contribute to the profitability of the Elite Sim-Funded account. If these objectives are not met, you simply continue trading until you achieve them. Although you would not receive credit for the Active Trading day, your P&L would count. This information will be accurately presented on your Trader Dashboard. Note that at the time of your payout request, the 40% consistency rule still applies.
    • A minimum of two-hundred ($200) dollars in realized profit is required.
      • If you have one of the Elite Sim-Funded accounts listed below, a minimum of one-hundred ($100) dollars in realized profit is required.
        • 10K 1 Step, 25K 1 Step, 25K EOD, or 100K Static
    • Realized profits on any given day must equal at least 23% of the best Active Trading day P&L.
      • Any new best Active Trading day P&L will be applied to trading days that follow the date of the higher best Active Trading day P&L.
Day P&L Best Day P&L Active Trade Day Credit Total Trade Day Credit
1 $1,000 $1,000 1
2 $230 $1,000 2
3 $200 $1,000 X  
4 $700 $1,000 3
5 $2,000 $2,000 (New) 4
6 $500 $2,000 5
7 $400 $2,000 X  
  • The safety net (account max drawdown + $100) must be maintained for each and every Elite Sim-Funded payout request. Realized profits within the safety net cannot be withdrawn from payout cycles one through three.
  • Trading practices such as martingale, high-frequency trading, or any form of erratic trading across several days are prohibited. 
  • All Elite Sim-Funded traders must execute at least one trade per calendar week. If you are unable to trade in a given week, please inform ETF’s customer service team. Failure to meet the weekly trade requirement, without prior notification or arrangement, may result in the closure of your account(s) and void any payouts due to you.
  • Elite Sim-Funded traders must actively trade the required number of Active Trading days per payout cycle and maintain consistent trading behavior. If an Elite Sim-Funded trader's payout request is denied and/or delayed during an audit three times due to non-compliance, it will result in account closure. We seek to partner with dedicated traders, but continual non-compliance is a waste of valuable resources and hinders our ability to evaluate and promote Elite Sim-Funded traders to Live Elite.
  • All payouts for Elite Sim-Funded Traders are approved daily beginning at 3 pm EST and will be processed on Wednesdays. Live Elite payouts will continue to be processed daily.

Reasons for Policies

  • These policies are designed to challenge Elite Sim-Funded traders to prioritize trading at a high level when market conditions are suitable for their edge, thereby demonstrating good decision-making and sound risk management.
  • We believe these policies will not only help traders achieve consistent performance and scalable growth in Elite Sim-Funded accounts, but also prepare them for the rigors of trading and scaling a Live Elite account.
  • Our mission is to provide a quality evaluation service and to transition skilled traders to Live Elite without causing delays or frustrations for our valued traders.

Exciting Developments on the Horizon

  • Stay tuned for the launch of two new products designed to enhance your trading experience, with additional offerings possibly on the way. These initial products will be revealed soon, each tailored to meet the specific needs of our diverse trading community.
  • We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of a new feature-filled dashboard, offering in-depth insights into your trade activity. The redesigned dashboard is engineered to help you make data-driven decisions and to analyze your performance more effectively.

Keep an eye out for these and other exciting developments as we continue to expand our services and tools to better support your trading journey.

Special Offer

  • Every trader with an active evaluation can use the code EVALRST for a 50% discount on an evaluation reset (excludes Fast Tracks). Code is valid for a single use, per trader.
  • Every trader with an active Elite Sim-Funded account can use the code ELITERST for a 50% discount on the one-time Sim-Funded reset fee. Code is valid for a single use, per trader.
  • These discount codes do not have an expiration date!
Thank you for your cooperation as we implement these changes. Our aim is and always has been to help you succeed long-term and to reach new heights in your trading journey.


Elite Trader Funding